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southern Chile with us


passengers, vehicles, and cargo.


the 10th Region of Chile

Transportation of passengers, vehicles, and cargo.

Naviera Puelche, with its subsidiaries Transportes Puelche S.A. and Transportes Austral S.A., is a company focused on the transportation of passengers, vehicles, and cargo, and solving connectivity issues in the isolated communities of Chile’s 10th region.

Our company and subsidiaries

The purpose of this company, and our subsidiaries Transportes Puelche S.A. and Transportes Austral S.A, is conservation, maintenance, and operation of the ships that operate these routes.

The central points of connection are:

  • Maullín on the Pacific coast.
  • Lake Tagua tagua in the Puelo river area
  • Caleta la Arena in the Reloncaví estuary.
  • Calbuco in the Reloncaví gulf.
  • Puqueldón in Chiloé.
  • Hornopirén-Chaitén in the coasts of the Austral Highway.

Transportes Puelche

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Transportes del Estuario

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